Downtown, Charleston

If you live in Charleston, you quickly learn to identify what part of the massive city/county you call home. Some folks will tell you they live on “Folly” or “JI,” and the urbanites will say, “I live Downtown,” meaning they live on the peninsula, Charleston’s urban center. The area features many boroughs, most established between the late 18th and early 20th centuries.

The urban community is marked by stunning historic architecture, world-class shopping, award-winning dining, a strong tourism and technology-based economy and unbelievable walkability. It’s also a college town with a law school, several liberal arts colleges and a medical university. Entertainment and recreation are never in short supply: from a minor league baseball team to a major international arts festival, the area has something for everyone. Downtown housing options include historic single-family homes, grand waterfront mansions, newer luxury condominiums, efficiency apartment units and multifamily plexes situated in renovated c. 1800-1900 residences.


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